Specific setting for TTS payment package

We tried our best to make the TTS payment package flexible enough. So it might seem to be a bit complex. But we believe it will meet the different requirements of your business.

Here we are going to explain two specific terms of the TTS payment package. Before proceeding, you may need to read this documentation, it’s about some generic settings of package. 

1. Characters Limit

There are two terms here, ‘Characters Limit of Standard Voice’ and ‘Characters Limit of Neural Voice’. It’s used to limit the amount of the characters which can be used within the package.

The characters of neural voice are always 4 times the standard voice. This is because either on AWS or on Google Cloud, the price of neural voice is always 4 times the standard voice. So you only need to set the amount for the standard voice. Once the user uses the neural voice, 4 times of the balance will be deducted accordingly. 

2. Bulk Actions

This is used to control the voice’s accessibility(whether a user who owns the package can access the voice). It’s the bulk action when you are adding or modifying the package, the package will be applied to voice accordingly. However, this value won’t be saved in the database as it’s action, not setting.

You can check whether the action takes effect after setting, you can see the voice’s accessibility as follow.