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This Deal is a steal

I was looking for an affordable deal like this one and I may just have found it. This is one of these old good Appsumo deals we used to have: Unlimited lifetime access to a service, in exchange of supporting young entrepreneurs and their perfectible projects.

Come on! 49 bucks for everything thy offer! It’s already a great deal, and it’ll be even better when they’ll implement the next stuff on their Roadmap.

I tried it first, using a free account before buying, and I made sure that it suits my needs.

There is always a great AI voice to do the trick, one that sounds natural out-of-the box and for which I don’t need to spend my time tweaking (Yeah! Why buy any similar deal if you intend to spend countless hours trying to make it perfect?)

Guys! The AI voices are really good, sometimes the standard ones will work well also for you, depending on your needs, but for the regular 3 languages (and an extra “exotic” one) I’ll use this App for, I am already very happy with the results.

Two things I would like to see happening in the next updates is the ability to save my favorite voices for recurring use, and if possible, connect my team members by creating some kind of roles or subaccounts.

Otherwise, thank you guys for this app, and I hope you’ll receive enough support from the Appsumo community here to help you improving it.



I am impressed! I have never purchased any app as fast as this one. At first, I tried the free trial and I got so impressed. You might want to check what I made

I tried with another language and it sounds really natural. A mother tongue listened to it and sounds awesome as he said.

Tell me if that sounds robotic? NOPE!

Their roadmap is awesome, so much room for improvement along the way and come on guys for this price you can’t get wrong and will never regret it. I just purchased this one now and I am excited to use this for my work and business.

I tried another app but it didn’t reach my satisfaction. This one exceeds! Also, I can’t wait for their affiliate program and WP plugin.
I just hope that it can run more than 6000 words per conversion – need to convert blog to podcast.

Get this one now!

Hellow D

Best text-to-speech software I have tried

One of the best software on the market for the synthesis of believable human voice even in languages like Slovak.

I’ve tried several options, but most voices in Slovak sound unbelievable – robotic or too metallic.

In addition to Updigital speech synthesis software, I also tried Both options are great. The perfect thing about Updigital is that there is no limit to the amount of files generated, just the maximum length of one run.

I’m looking forward to the updates from roadmap.

If you haven’t bought this deal yet, don’t hesitate.You won’t find anything better at this price.

Peter Nwave

The best text-to-speech I have had in years!

This is the best text-to-speech I have had in years!

It’s super easy to use with amazing results.
Its one of the best investments I’ve made! unbeatable price and support.

The voices are super natiral and plenty of voices, languages and accents!
Unlike other text-to-speech software Updigital Speech Synthesis Software has unlimited downloads.

I personaly love this text-to-speech software and Im glad I gave it a try to find out the amazing features.

Go ahead give it a try yourself and you’ll see why this is one of the best text-to-speech software!

Farzad A

Hands down the best text-to-speech service.

Updigital Speech Synthesis generates the best natural sounding human voice-overs.
I use this software to create voice over content for my blog posts and YouTube videos, and the results are incredible.
It is so easy to use and it saves time on the production of my voice over content.
I can’t tell you how many times I have been stuck for content and have been able to create content quickly and easily with this software.
This sure is a hidden gem and definitely deserves 5 tacos 🙂


I am really shocked when using this product

I have bought and tested many Text To Speech software, but I am really shocked when using Updigital Speech Synthesis Software product.

I have purchased dozens of products on AppSumo and rarely review a product unless they encourage me to leave reviews to upgrade to more advanced features.

When I first used this product, I was really shocked by the excellent sound quality that the software can produce. I’m Vietnamese, so it’s hard to find software with many AI voices in my languague. But with Updigital Speech Synthesis software, I have 6 AI modes to create different awesome voices for my language.

The sound quality is unbelievable, like the voices of MCs, broadcasters on TV, on the radio, very professional.

I find this software very good value for money. With unlimited use of “Unlimited Characters for Lifetime”, and there are more AI voices than other software, I find this software is too cheap. Because I see a lot of “Text To Speech” software on AppSumo that have a higher price the quality is not better than this product.

I recommend Updigital Speech Synthesis Software should be sold at a higher price, its’ real value should be over 499 USD because of the great features it brings.

Let buy the product before it is gone out!
Love the Updigital Speech Synthesis software so much!
Always support the Updigital Speech Synthesis software!


Super Realist VO + Easy To Use Interface!

I’m a former VO casting director out of Los Angeles, needless to say I’m super picky about my AI VO choices. I’ve seen a ton of text to speech deals on here, tested them, then passed. That is until I gave Updigital a whirl. OMG, I am super impressed by the realistic VO and even more impressed with all the languages supported! I have cast in more languages than I can count, so hearing the subtle nuances from dialect to dialect was music to my ears. Couple all that with an easy to interface and lighting fast conversions and I’m sold. This inexpensive LTD is an easy 5 tacos, highly recommend!


Get yours before too late

A very powerful tool that has so many voices can be chosen and the beauty of it is there have no limitations at all.

Clean dashboard easy to navigate.

The price is so bargain.

Get yours before too late.


Better than I Expected

Just bought and gave it a go,  The thing is, this deal doesn’t have any usage limit but the other one has.

It’s fun to play with, most of the AI Voices are super natural (standard voices are not, but with this deal, you don’t even have to use the standard ones since you would have unlimited usage). Other than that, the interface is also easy to navigate.

So far it only has custom output volume and speaking rate, it would be better if they could implement pronunciation, tone, and emphasis like the other deal. Also, some of the voices are not ready (couldn’t play the sample).

Overall, I would suggest you get this.


Special One Time Lifetime Pricing